Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Battlefield 2 sucks

Although the title is less than creative, I must say that it exemplifies my feelings towards EA's Battlefield 2. I have never in all my life been more frustrated by a game.

Battlefield 2 is inconsistant, contains several bugs, attracts players that aren't able to play as a team, creates ego maniacle administrators (who probably got/get their lunch money taken at school), and favors those who dump tons of money into EA's "upgrades". I may be using run on sentences, but then, I'm not a journalist or an english major. I speak bad English, let's just stick to the topic at hand, not exactly how it's presented.

First, the bugs are intolerable. You're own team appears red sometimes (the color of the enemy), which leads you to shoot them. In turn, everyone becomes hostile, and attacks eachother, and the whole thing degrades. Connections are dropped after about 2 hours of playing, usually at a tactically important point in the game. Shots don't register... You shoot at someone with a whole clip at point blank range, with bursts... Totally have the jump on them. They run away, and with a supposedly weaker weapon, turn around and kill you with one shot. Missiles sometimes go right through vehicles. I can continue forever, but I'll just stop with that.

Many of the players are used to frag-fests. This is where everyone just kills everything that moves. No teamwork. Battlefield 2 is all about teamwork, following orders, giving orders, understanding that people make mistakes, etc. I'm not even going to get in to the discussion too deeply about some of the players, that just make the whole game a terrible experience.

The administrators are even worse than the players at times. Most, however, are great. When you run across the administrator that bans you for one accidental team kill, you just want to ping flood the crap out of their server. I also hate the administrator that threatens people when they disagree. Although it's never happened to me, it really degrades the game. I don't think that these types have girlfriends, and if they do, I would hate to see the girfriend without an air-sickness bag. With that in mind, I'm sure thier world is miserable enough, this is their way of pulling the wings off of flys.

Furthermore, Battlefield 2 offers weapons only available to those who "upgrade" their Battlefield 2 client. This, of course, is not free. Also, the cheaper "upgrade" (ie the Euro Forces Upgrade) is a complete waste of money. I've never even seen a server hosting the expansion. I don't even have access to the weapoons unless I play single player. Speaking of "upgrades", the patches for Battlefield 2 are a joke! Sometimes, they make it worse. They change the way the game plays, and the strategy. They don't do any of this well, or intelligently. They have been unable to fix the red freindly problem after countless upgrades. EA Game$ and M$ are pretty much the same type of greedy, money hungry type of company.

In conclusion, BOOOOOO. Battlefield 2 sucks. I wanted to throw it out the window. I've never wanted to reach through the computer and strangle someone on the other side more in my life. Whether it be players, administrators, or makers of the game. I would not buy this game.